Club Nervous

_ Simply stated, this is a great compilation. Great beats, great vocals, great basslines. It's the bomb! Great label and great choice of DJ for the mix; Tony Humphries is really on point here! Favorite tracks are "Yes He Is", "Nervous Track", "Nite Life" and "Voices In Harmony". The mixing of both versions of "Nite Life" is especially impressive. The same goes for "Voices In Harmony". My other favorite aspect of this particular mix CD is the timeline effect. I really liked how the tracks were mixed in chronological order: Track One was released in 1991, and each subsequent track was released either the same year as the previous one, or the very next year -- right up to Track Thirteen being released in 1996. The effect here is that the listener is travelling in time. (To aid in the "journey" the CD insert and the cover art serve as a guide) [On a side note this concept inspired me to put together my own mix that would chronicle the 7 years I spent in England (1994-2001). I called it the "7-Year Itch"] This CD is a must have for the seasoned House fans as well as the beginners.

Mix The Vibe: Tony Humphries

_ The opening track sets the stage for this mix. Pure SOUL! After you purchase this cd the first thing you would want to do is play it. The second thing you would want to do is read the liner notes. The third thing you would want to do is turn up the volume, 'cause this cd has got to be played loud! Favorite tracks are "Tension", "Until We Meet Again", "Trust Yourself" and "Hallelujah". This cd is what House Music is all about!!!!