April 1995 - "THE ZONE" VS "COTTONBASS" 

Easter Monday, two venues, one club: Laristo's. "The Zone" was House Music, while "Cottonbass" was R&B/Drum & Bass. This turned out to be one of the most amazing nights – ever! I had a one-hour set that turned into an aerobic workout! 30 minutes into my set I was drenched in my own sweat -- the walls and mirrors were wet because of condensation! I also wowed the crowd in the middle of my set when I stopped the record I was playing and promptly began to play it backwards!


My Air Force job now required me to relocate to RAF Alconbury, UK. I already knew that the United Kingdom was a hotbed of house music, but I was in for a BIG surprise. I soon teamed up with fellow Chicago jock Ahman Shird (aka DJ Intrigue), John V. Dub, and DJ Maestro (another American), and we rocked the town of Peterborough! I also officially changed my name to “DJ Purple”.

September 1993 – THE PROFESSION BEGINS… 

I already had a respectable vinyl collection but now I would finally get my own DJ mixing set. My first serious gig was a wedding reception. The music required lots of smooth jazz, so I included several Chicago-based artists such as Terry Hunter and the Underground Crew.


I was at Patrick Air Force base in Cocoa Beach, FL. It was during this time that I volunteered as an intern at Florida Institute of Technology radio station WFIT (89.5 FM). House Music was now getting national attention. I wanted to get behind the scenes at a college radio station and eventually introduce house music into a playlist. I worked on Wednesday nights and sat in on some shows featuring DJ Spyder-D. The time spent was very rewarding. I was fortunate enough to earn a staff t-shirt and a…

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I was in the eighth grade. The DJ was Mickey “Mixin’’ Oliver and the radio station was WBMX, 102.7 FM/1490 AM. This guy was awesome! His trademark was an intro that featured a very famous voice: “this is Rodney Dangerfield and you’re listening to Mickey ‘Mixin’ Oliver on WBMX”. I learned the station’s House Music rotation (M-TH: 12N, 6PM, 8PM, 10PM, 30 min ea/ F: 12N, 6PM, 8PM, 30 min ea, 10PM-3AM/SAT: 10PM-3AM -- to the best of my recollection) and frantically switched between WBMX and rival station…

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Groove Odyssey 10th Birthday Party 

Groove Odyssey celebrated 10 years of fabulous House Music...


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Vintage House on WNUR (Video 2) 

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Vintage House on WNUR (Video 1) 

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Live @ Retropect 5-27-2016 

The birthday set (May 27 was the birthday)