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Aaron Smith feat. D’Bora – Going Round (VIBE MUSIC)
Maurice Joshua feat. Chantay Savage – I Gotta Hold On U (ID)
Dania – Little Bit of Love (D.J. INTERNATIONAL)
Mixx Vibes – Do It Q [from the Session 1 EP] (VIBE MUSIC)
Pizarro – Plastica (Give It Up) (RAZZ ENTERPRISES, INC.)
Liz Torres – Friends (JIVE)
Da Posse feat. Martell – Searchin’ Hard (DANCE MANIA)
Mike Dunn – A Groove (DESIRE)
Mondee` Oliver – Make Me Want You (GHERKIN)
“House Master” Baldwin feat. Paris Grey – Don’t Lead Me (FUTURE SOUND/R&R)