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Terry "Housemaster" Baldwin feat. Paris Grey - Don't Lead Me (FUTURE SOUND/R&R) {90's}
Xaviera Gold - Mucho Man (REFINERY) {80's}
Chantay Savage - Don't Let It Go To Your Head (BMG) {90's}
Nouveax Nation - Strip (Rock Yo Body) (SRO) {80's}
Georgie Porgie - Let The Music Pump You Up (TEMPEST) {90's}
King Amazin' - Double Asunder (HOUSE JAM) {80's}
The New Vogue Society - The Deputy of Love (HOUSE JAM) {90's}
Kym Mazelle - Don't Scandalize My Name (CAPITOL) {80's}
Martell - U Ain't Really Down (CHICAGO STYLE) {90's}
Kamia - Take Me (TRAX) {80's}
Screamin' Rachael - "The Real Thing" Ode to Prince Teddy (EIGHTBALL) {90's}