"Chicago Classics featuring the Roland TB-303. Circa 1987-1989 "

When the words "Acid House" are heard there are many things that can easily come to mind. One such thing is the psychedelic sound that permeated through Chicago radio stations from 1986 - 1989. While "Jackmania" was in full effect by 1986 ["Time To Jack", "Jack Your Body", "Jack The Bass" -- plus the "Jackmasters", DJs who would often "Jack The House"] another subculture within House Music was taking shape. Acid House was pioneered by DJ Pierre and his partners Herbert J. & Spanky, collectively known as Phuture. Their smash "Acid Trax" was actually created before the term "Acid House" was coined. When the track was given to legendary DJ Ron Hardy it was reputedly played four times the first night. It would eventually be released on vinyl in 1987. In the meantime there were 2 other records that were already released that easily fit into the Acid House genre, "I've Lost Control" by Sleezy D. (produced by the legendary Marshall Jefferson, who also produced "Acid Trax") and "No Way Back" by Adonis.

By 1987 Chicago artists and DJs had seemingly run out of ideas for House records. That is, until the floodgates were opened and Acid House records started to gain momentum. Now artists and DJs such as Pierre, Armando, Terry Baldwin, Lidell Townsell, Mr. Lee, Maurice, Fast Eddie and Tyree were using the Roland TB-303 to advance the sound of Acid ["This Is Acid", "Acid Over"]. The Super Powers of House - D.J. International, TRAX and Hot Mix 5 - were already in position to absorb the influx of new Acid House hits, while WBMX, WGCI and South Side college radio station WKKC (Kennedy-King College) guaranteed that anyone who was in the vicinity of Chicago heard them.

For this project I rummaged through my old WBMX, WGCI and WKKC tapes. Then I raided my crates and dug out the records that had not been heard in a long time, thus creating another chapter in the history lesson. The House Music Saga continues!

Long Live the Old School!


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Leatrice Brown – Love Will Find A Way (DANCE MANIA)
Fast Eddie – Acid Thunder (D.J. INTERNATIONAL)
Edward Crosby & Singing DJ – Party Time (GET DOWN)
Mr. Lee – Pump Up Chicago (TRAX)
Phuture – We Are Phuture (TRAX)
Rickster – Night Moves (SOUND PAK)
Pierre’s Pfantasy Club – Got The Bug (TRAX)
House Master Baldwin feat. Paris Grey – Don’t Lead Me (FUTURE SOUND)
Bam Bam – Where’s Your Child? (WESTBROOK)
The Endless Pokers – !Poke! (D.J. INTERNATIONAL)
Adonis – No Way Back (TRAX)
Jack Frost – Clap Me (TRAX)
Armando – Land Of Confusion (WAREHOUSE)
Mike ‘Hitman’ Wilson – Work Your Body (INTERNATIONAL HOUSE)
L.N.R. – Kream (HOUSE JAM)