The Payback

_ James Brown was dubbed as the Godfather of Soul, Mr. Dynamite, The Hitman, and a host of other accolades. This album showed how he earned those names. “The Payback” is a double-LP packed with power jams from start to finish. Right out the gate, one could tell that this man was on a mission: to ‘get his’. The opening cut, “The Payback” is a modern Stepper’s cut that ALWAYS get the dance floor in a frenzy. “Doing The Best I Can” takes us back to the slow soul roots. He’s for real! “Take Some…Leave Some” – one of the baaaaadest funky songs EVER. You can’t be greedy! “Shoot Your Shot”, well, what I can I say. Pure funk/soul! “Forever Suffering” brings us another slow soul burner, and this time the emotions are released. He wants his woman back - solid jam! “Time Is Running Out fast” is a serious afro-centric foot stomper. Thirteen minutes may not be enough! “Stone To The Bone” is a 10-minute jam session about his good thang. “Mind Power” takes us home with a serious message. Dealing with crime and poverty in the inner city – people need jobs, because “if you don’t work, you can’t eat…” The ironic thing about this album is that it is still relevant in today’s times. Groove to it if you must. Get your ‘step’ on if you must. But above all, get this album, because YOU MUST!