Vinylicious Vol.1

_ Tasty House Music Mixdown This is a fabulous mix that keeps you moving for 70 mins non-stop. I have always liked it when the opening track was one in which the beat was not immediately present. “Expansions 97” was a great choice to open. But, don’t get too comfortable because track two jumps out at you. One other thing I love about mix compilations are the transitions between tracks, and the one between tracks two and three is ferocious. There was yet another aspect of the mix that was a standout. I detected a slight variation in the sounds of tracks three and four. It sounded as though there was an extra instrument playing (perhaps Richard Payton on keys?), and I loved it! We then have more fantastic transitional blends that flow: tracks five into track six. Track seven is a timeless track that will be a classic in ten years’ time. Track eight has the classic disco feel, and track nine reminds us that “not everyone understands house music”. Track ten is an absolute GEM! This is another timeless piece that oozes with soul. Track eleven gets a little tough and breaks you into a sweat. Track twelve takes us home in true 95 North fashion… Don’t sleep on this one.

House, Volumes 6

_ I must begin this review with a popular phrase: "THE BOMB!" This mix was done in classic House style. Track One is a basic acapella vocal which is the way most DJs begin a set. Track Two fades in nice and smooth which, again, is how it's usually done. Once Track Four comes in you get to feel a chill as the mood gets really soulful. One thing I pay attention to as a DJ (and when I listen to other DJs) is the blend and the hybrid sound that is created the moment the records are being mixed together. The transitions from Track Four to Track Five, Track Five to Track Six, and again from Track Six to Track Seven took my breath away! And then there are the effects. Flanging and echoes just add fuel to the House fire. This mix will make you crank up your stereo, scream and shout, and phone your friends (even those who are long distance). This cd truly rocks and I hope that 95 North gets the name recognition that they deserve. I have followed their productions over the last 7 years, and after listening to this project I look forward to the day I can hear them live at Club Red!