Journey with the Lonely

_ This album is the BOMB! From start to finish you can't help but move your feet! At the risk of sounding like the other reviewers I too must say that this album is nothing short of a masterpiece! Based on my feelings towards the previous album release I bought "Journey With The Lonely" right after its release. To play it 10 years later and have the same feeling now that I had then is a testament to the quality of the project. This album further proves that a dj -- whose primary focus is that of playing records -- can also have a degree of musicianship. 1992 saw a shift in the direction of House music in Chicago: jazz influences. This album lays down the perfect blueprint for anyone who needs a history lesson. "Club Lonely" has to be one of the few tracks in which the album version perfectly compliments the EP. Excellent vocals and a simple, but driving bassline. Then comes the perfect segue "New Dance Beats", continuing in the jazz chords and smooth basslines. "Saved My Life" and "Aahhhh!" are just 100% dance tracks. "Do U Luv Me" is a hypnotic melodic tune that is more subtle in the chords but it still has alot of punch to it. "You're My Reason" and "Dancing In My Sleep" feature wonderful vocals. "Funny How U Luv" is another obvious jazz-infusion that moves the soul. Then there's "Thief" and my sleeper track - "Share", which is by far one of the most emotionally tugging songs I know of. The entire album makes me proud to be a Chicagoan!

From the Mind of Lil' Louis

_ Lil Louis struck gold by signing a deal with Epic records in 1989. This resulting album showcases what Chicagoans (like myself) knew all along -- this guy has skillz! Louis was always a phenomenal dj and his first few releases on the independent Dance Mania label created a buzz in the Chicago underground dance scene. 1989 was the year in which Louis (and Chicago) would take things to the next level. "French Kiss", one of my favorite tracks (and EPs) of all time, was the catalyst for the growing national interest in Chicago House. The album version is more commercialized with the added vocals but is still able to get the blood pumping. "Wargames", also in a "second" remixed form (and also from the original "French Kiss" EP), is another dance-floor-packer. Other preferred tracks are "I Called U" (something that the guys can definitely relate to) and the sleeper of the whole album: "Nyce And Slo". And then there are a couple of slower tempo tracks to add balance. Basically this is a great introductory album for Lil Louis to "show the rest of the world how we party".