Underground House Authority

_ This is one CD that is mixed to perfection and as a result induces non-stop dancing! The first track sets the tone: soulful melody, with a heartfelt vocal. After that you get a great mixture of soulful flavors. The last track cools everything down just right. Once you get a taste you won't want to put the CD down. Favorite tracks include It's Alright, Come and Get My Love, Testify, Keep It Simple, and My Desire.

Soulshine's Soulful Session Vol 1

_ It would be very difficult for me to write this review without sounding a little like the other reviewer; however, I must try :) This CD is simply amazing!! I have always admired Louis Benedetti's productions and remixes for the SoulShine label. I especially love "Live at Soulful Sessions"; the changing of basslines and the overall theme of the track is phenomenal! Once you hear the mix you'll be convinced that Louis Benedetti is the REAL DEAL.

Soulshine's Soulful Session Vol 2

_ I can easily run out of words to describe Louis Benedetti in terms of skillz - he's got 'em and that's about the sum of it. "Pure Soul" is the best way for me to describe this second installment of what I hope to be a long series of SoulShine mixes. The grooves are deep and the transitions are tight! Favorite track: the last one, "House Music Rules The World". For those who don't know, you'd better ask somebody, or better yet GET THIS CD!!!!

Soulshine's Soulful Session Vol 3

_ It all starts with the opening track. Artist: Soulplanet - with a name that includes the word "soul" a statement has to be made. Next we have the signature Louis Benedetti sound on tracks two, three and four, and the tracks are all crisp! Tracks five and six are just simply inspiring -these will pick you up whenever you are down! Track seven goes in a slightly afro-centric direction and slams! Track eight - well, it stays in that area and slams, too! But wait, there's more! Track nine keeps the groove thanks to the deep house don Jovonn. The groove changes gears with track ten, while staying extremely soulful. The silky smooth operation continues with track eleven, as the vocals become the focal point. Track twelve is definitely one of my favorites - an instant classic! I have given you the overview track-by-track; now I can give you the complete mix summary. This compilation is just another showcase of both DJ talent and musicianship. The DJ talent was made evident by the selection/sequence of the tracks and the transitions between them. Musicianship was evident in the vocal quality and content, coupled with fierce rhythms. In short, this is another must-have for anyone who has a craving for soulful House Music.

Soulshine's Soulful Session, Vol 4

_ Track one delivers the goods. The vocal chemistry between Kenny Bobien and Stephanie Cooke is evident. I'm looking forward to more duets from them. Track two is really the mood setter, in true Frankie Feliciano style - superb! Track three belongs right where it is - believe me!!! Then there is track four. Well, I'll just say that it belongs where it is, too. Track five changes the vibe just a bit, but then again this is a Louis Benedetti mix compilation, so expect nothing different. Then we go into track six - amazing stuff here. Music with a message: "Spread Love", and who better to deliver the message than Charles Dockins! But guess what, the vibe changes again with the next track - no problem! Here we dip into a little deep house-ness, then we change things just a bit again with the next track. There's nothing like a good vocal to go behind a thumping bassline. Speaking of thumping basslines, there are of course tracks nine and ten - enough said! Next we get a couple of examples of why Louis is "The Man". His mixes/productions are great! The next track has a commanding vocal - and if you find Louis' remix it is a must have. The next track cools things down a bit, signifying the close of the set. However, there is the "real" closer as the last track, since the tempo is also slowed down.