Nervous House

_ What a mix! CJ Mackintosh does very well on the compilation, and I would dare anyone to state otherwise :) In a nutshell, buy the CD and save yourself the suspense of wondering why I made the above statement...

Ministry of Sound: Sessions Volume 4

_ If a DJ's mix cd is a reflection of his/her club night or production style then this project is about as reflective as it gets! I have this in the cassette format and was compelled to play it for myself before writing this review. I'm so glad I did. First, a quick word about CJ; I've seen him spin when I was in England and in terms of House music, he is about as American as a British DJ can be. Don't just take my word for it--the reasons for that remark can be found on Sessions 4. This cd is all about soul, soul, soul. Heavy vocals, killer melodies, perfect tempo (about 124 BPMs) and the transitions are "spot on". Favorite tracks: all of 'em! (seriously) This cd may be dated but it WILL stand the test of time!