Big Fun

_ What a team - Paris Grey and Kevin Saunderson! Paris had been on the Chicago circuit for a while. When "Big Fun" was spotted as background music for a TV commercial those of us who were househeads went berserk! The whole album is a treat. Track one lays the foundation of original Detroit Techno: the coming together of all people and the preservation of the inner city (by the way, that same theme was reflected in some earlier Chicago records) Track four is a really interesting tune especially being of a slower tempo. Track six is a definite favorite, as it is such a "happy" tune. Track seven is basically a Chicago favorite that dominated the college radio stations. My absolute favorite track is the last one. "Secrets Of The Mind" is very hypnotic and it has the subtle Chicago flavor mixed with the upfront Detroit industrial sound. This is an album you can trust!


_ This is a good album by Inner City. It doesn't stand head-to-head next to their debut album "Big Fun" but then again, sometimes it's hard to keep pace with absolute brilliance. Still, there are some standout tracks. "Fire" is one such track. It picks up where "Big Fun" left off. "Lovelight" and Unity" are two other reminders of the previous album -- they are very lively "old school" Detroit Techno tracks. This album also has a little downtempo R&B flavor with "That Man (He's All Mine)" and "What Does It take". We also have a bit of "ambiance" with "'Till We Meet Again" and "Vibes".


_ I had forgotten why I liked this album until I listened to side 2 of my cassette. Favorite track: "United". I remember when I would constantly play this track and none of the others! I am not one to suggest purchasing an album on the strength of one song, but this would be the exception. There are other tracks that are worth an honorable mention: "Let It Reign" and "Pennies From Heaven". They are sure to rock your speakers.