Get Large, Vol 2

_ Ladies and gentlemen...Mark Grant is back! But then again, he never left - thank goodness. It's been 4 whole years since his last mix CD, and now the wait is finally over. Turn the volume up on your computer, on the stereo, in the car, wherever you choose to play the mix. This mix slams right from the beginning. Track One," Shame" is an instant classic - hands down! Track Two is an older track (which I am fortunate enough to own a copy of), but who cares? The sequence/track selection is most important and here the track just naturally fits. Track Three was a pleasant surprise for me as well, just because I have a copy of it, too. Then we have the next track that make you want to just dance in place! Track Five, however, eliminates the dancing in place and all of a sudden you may want to grab a partner! The feel of this song is awesome. The same can be said of the next track, given that you have the awesome vocals of Inaya Day. You can't get too much better than that. Now comes my favorite part - the transition! The transition into the next track is amazing! In true Mark Grant fashion the sound changes and goes a bit deep. Then of course, for the next track we get a little funky. At this time you may even think 80s retro! Now guess what: another mind-bending transition into the next track with another change of vibe. As the title suggests, "Like Jazz" creates a jazzy flavor (perfect for a jazz resurrection in House Music). Now, since Mark is a jazzy type fellow it is only logical that the next track would be one of his productions. Watch for the horns! Now, just for good measure we need a song that has a "classic" arrangement - enter "The Rain". This is sure to be a future classic! Now for the finale: "There 4 Me". I have to let everyone in on a secret - I recently witnessed a Mark Grant set in Denver (CD release tour), at the cost of driving 10 hours from my house. The drive and hotel stay was well worth it, especially since the party was at the hotel where I stayed! When Mark dropped "There 4 Me" during his set the crowd went bananas!!! All in all, this CD is a must have for any House Music fan who want to get the scoop on the latest sounds from the underground. Mark has been credited for being one of those who shaped the New Chicago House Sound of the 90's (a period that was unforgettable, just like the 80s). It appears to me that now he may also be in the midst of shaping the New Chicago House Sound of the 2K's.

Sound Design, Vol 2

_ This cd is reflective of his sets at Chicago's Red Dog club where he holds a residency. Totally smooth blends and nice selection. Favorite tracks: Track 1, Track 2, Track 3, Track 4, Track 11, Track 12, Track 14, and Track 15. I know that seems like nearly the entire album, but that's a credit to Mark Grant and his ability to keep things phat. This CD is a keeper!

A Taste of Cajual

_ Time for a short history lesson. In 1997 there were alot of records being released out of Chicago that were burning up the dance floors. Many of these were on Cajual Records. And, whenever I went to the Red Dog club (Northside) I would hear these tracks being played by Mark Grant. This album has many of those records. This has to be one of the best-blended mixes ever. Every record is in its place and the mix just flows like a waterfall. One thing I pay attention to is the transition, and my favorite transitions are from tracks 3-4, 4-5, 5-6, 8-9, 9-10, 11-12, 12-13, 13-14. With listening to all those transitions, how could I hear the rest of the mix??? Just by dancing!! After your first "taste" you'll be out of your seat. Don't just take my word for it -- buy the album!