Giant Step Records Sessions, Vol. 1

_ I can't think of a better choice to mix Vol 1 that Ron Trent. He has the knack of making wallflowers MOVE. This cd shows how. Deep, smooth, and earthy vocals combined with a bit of Afro-Funk make this cd stand out. It is a very accurate representation of Ron's production style (if you listen closely you'll be reminded of some Prescription projects). The tracks that grab me are 1, 2, 7, 9, 10 , 12, and 14. The entire cd is very nicely mixed. I hope that Ron Trent is chosen to mix Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4...

Mix The Vibe: Ron Trent "Urban Afro Blues"

_ Ron Trent is one of the few DJs who can entice a person to purchase a mix CD on the strength of just his name. The man has skills! The selection on this cd is perfect and the blends are First Class!! I even love the cd designs; CD One is purple which is my favorite color. CD Two is black, which is always a good compliment to purple. The design of the insert is very haunting, with a photo of Mr. Trent in that "zone" and seemingly rockin' the place. According to the insert, "every person...has a certain choice of sound". Well, Ron Trent's sound is one to be experienced. The only thing left is for a double or triple set to be released with Ron Trent and Kerri "Kaoz 6:23" Chandler on the mix - I'd buy it in a heartbeat!!! After all is said and done the only thing left to say is, THIS CD IS VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! I forgot to mention that Ron Trent is from Chicago -- just in case any Chi-Town heads needed some more encouragement :) One more thing - when I got the CD I told a colleague that my life would change after this CD; it did!

Musical Reflections

_ Ron Trent just secured his "legendary" status with this CD. When I finally got his Urban Afro Blues double CD I could not stop playing it. I finally stopped playing, only to start playing this one over and over again. It is alot like his early stuff on Prescription, especially "Comin Back" - awesome production. "Another Night" is quite addictive as well! Come to think of it, "Just Pilau" is utterly incredible, too! This is my third Ron Trent mix CD and to this point I have to say it was money well spent. I am looking forward to future compilations.