Southport Weekender, Vol 5

_ For years Terry Hunter has been my favorite contemporary DJ, hands down. Kenny Dope has always intrigued me with his remixes of various tracks. After hearing this particular Southport Weekender compilation I now have an even greater respect for both. Lets' start with Kenny Dope. As one half of the Masters At Work, he created a buzz with his drum programming and fierce Ken Dog beats. Here he showcases his other talent - the phat mix! Tracks 2 and 3 are a serious throwback to the good old days of the 70's, but there are other tracks more thrown in for good measure; you will seriously move your body! His transitions are right on time, and as a bonus he switches up the flavor so that the genres change slightly. But then again isn't House a feeling??? Terry Hunter does what he does best, and that is going every which way but loose! Right from the start he also shows incredible range by weaving in and out of "sub-genres" all while maintaining the steady beat count and rhythmic flow. A few of the tracks stand to be familiar anyhow, but when Terry Hunter plays them, there is just something different about them! Extra kudos to him for taking us back to how we used to do in Chicago, and then for taking us full circle at the end with a remix of a classic. I was fortunate enough to experience the Southport Weekender, and to see Terry Hunter. Listening to this CD set is guaranteed to be the next best ting to being there. Highly recommended!!!!!

House Sessions, Vol 1

_ This cd features one of the most interesting and workable concepts in dance music. A two-cd set; one tough, the other soft; both mixed to perfection. This mix set proves that Terry can mix anything he wants to and still make you dance. The track that does it for me every time I hear it is "Spirits", particularly Terry's mix. There's something about the bassline, the chords, and the horns; reminds me alot of Fred Wesley! My favorite of the two cds is the Soul Disc -- being able to choose between the two extremes just shows Terry's musical range. This mix set was done in true Chicago style. I'm looking forward to future Terry Hunter mix cds!!!

House Volumes 3

_ A few years ago I created a dj profile on myself, which I still use. One of the headings is titled "FAVORITE US DJs" and Terry Hunter is definitely on the list. This compilation basically put him on the map, and a listening ear wouldn't question why. From start to finish the mix is right on point and showcases what a typical Terry Hunter set would sound like. For him it's all about soul! The stage is set with track one, a filtered disco record which was a very big hit in the dance community, especially in England. The next two tracks were also very big in England and I'd venture to say that track three is a future classic! At track four Terry shifts back into "track mode" with a funky instrumental (DJ Spen knows what he's doing when it comes to the funky side of house -- the Basement Boys are well represented, and I'd even consider Baltimore to be Chicago's twin city). Track five is funky as well, making it the perfect follow-up track. We get the vocals again with tracks six and seven. But when track eight hits you look out!!! The vocals and harmonizing are off the chains -- you get a Gospel flavor goin' on here. Then we dip into "track mode" again for track nine and what a track this is! This track is deep, smooth and jazzy; Terry has an obvious appreciation for jazz. Track ten is another British favorite and starts the cool-down that track eleven finishes. There's not too much more that I can say about this project. Terry Hunter was described as a "maverick in his hometown". As an artist/producer he's hot. As a dj he's explosive! Buy this album, but be careful...this mix may bring the house down!