From the recording Soul Revival - Volume One

"A return to the essence of House Music: Fiery gospel-inspired vocals, smooth jazz, and a splash of disco" I was born and raised in the South Side of Chicago, IL. During my last year of elementary school and all through high school I listened to radio station WBMX (102.7 FM), as well as a few other commercial and college stations. Spinning records did not become a reality for me until much later in life; when I finally got the required tools all the years of using other people's decks paid off! I always liked music - even outside of the House music that was being played during the WBMX years; I loved Breakdance and pop/soft rock. My favorite 80's band was (and still is) the Art of Noise and my favorite artist from the 70's was (and still is) James Brown. [With influences like these Soul Revival was bound to become a reality]
In 2000 I had been working at my day job, in England. At that time I couldn't help but notice just how universal House music really was. If House got its start in the "elementary school" of Chicago, went to the "high school" of New York, and went overseas to the "college" of London then what I saw was its "graduation" and full-time work across the globe. [Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Germany and England are represented on this mix - by dj, producer, artist, record label, or all of the above] The global appeal of a soulful vibe was the sole basis for the mix cd. Below is an excerpt from my 'new club proposal' which led to the creation of Soul Revival as a cd: "...the audience base is simple... They are considered to be a 'mature' audience. These people are not afraid of the repetitive beats and rhythms, because they know that the beats and rhythms lead to something...They know how to party to soulful dance music. They are House People!" Soul Revival...Feel the Fire!


//for promotional use only// Kerri “KAOZ 6:23” Chandler – Rain (NERVOUS) Kerri “KAOZ 6:23” Chandler – Lovin You [from the Trionosphere 3 EP] (KING STREET SOUNDS) Rain a Lil Louis Painting – Give It Up (KING STREET SOUNDS) Anastacia – I’m Outta Love (EPIC) “Little Louie” Vega featuring Arnold Jarvis – Life Goes On (MAW) Mark Grant – Jazzy Kinda Sum’n (CYCLO) Pressure – Tears For You (95 NORTH) Artful Dodger & Robbie Craig feat.Craig David – Woman Trouble (PUBLIC DEMAND) Mousse T. – Come And Get It (PEPPERMINT JAM) Turntable Bros. – Spirits (VINYL SOUL) Terry Hunter – Sweet Music (MAW) Braxton Holmes & Dewey B. – Rags To Garments [from the Cabrini Greens & Cornbread EP] (CAJUAL)