_ As a true blue Frankie Knuckles fan I was glad when this mix was available for purchase. Once again we are treated to a skillful performance in the mix. One mark of a gifted DJ is the ability to take his/her audience on a journey by weaving in the older records with the newer ones over an extended period of time. With that being said, the Motivation CD is only a snapshot of Mr. Knuckles' musical genius behind the decks. Let's explore: 1. "Keep On Movin" - Frankie takes immediate control of the mix by beginning with his track, and it's a good one! 2. "Faith" - a VERY popular track in the UK, particularly in the London superclub Ministry Of Sound. 3. "Deliver Me" - another VERY popular track among the UK masses and a future classic. This is the track that put Urban Blues Project on the map! 4. "All Through Me" - gotta love the vocals of Su Su Bobien. It is at this point that you may begin to feel your skin tingle because of the energy in this track. 5. "Alright With Me" - Frankie always tossed in a "feel good" record in his sets; this would qualify as such. 6. "Walkin" - now the the audience is taken on that "journey" thanks to an older track that I consider TIMELESS. Adeva is another recognizable voice that commands attention. 7. "We Are One" - this track is heartflet in not only the vocals but the delivery. Another future classic from a dynamic South Florida label! 8. "He Is The Joy" - speaking of future classics this one is the real deal. Easily one of the most beautiful records of all time. 9. "Higher" - now here is where I get personal. Chicago has always been an diamond in the rough in terms of music. (Right now we have a couple of Hip-Hop heavyweights, but let's step back even further in time: even before House Chicago was a breeding ground for alot of Soul and Blues, but the most impressive ground-breaking movement was in the genre of Gospel) Here we have a total Chicago-based effort with Ricky Dillard's New G. laying down some serious harmony, Vernessa Mitchell telling it like it is and Steve "Silk" Hurley directing traffic in terms of the "sound". This is one serious Gospel House track that must be 'experienced' (as opposed to just 'listened to'). 10. "Father" - another great song. The harmonica adds flair to the overall pitch of the mix. 11. "Hallelujah" - you can easily lose yourself in this track, thanks to its mastermind Kerri Chandler. This one is another older track but again, Frankie is taking the audience on a journey and with this track the time travel is worth the price of admission. 12. "The Pressure-Part 1" - the journey is completed with an awe-inspiring flashback (this is the oldest track of the mix, dating back to 1991). Here Frankie ends the mix like he began -in control (as he along with Satoshi Tomiie had remix duties for this track. This perticular mix of the song is unforgetable! So, now that we have taken a glance at the journey through some future classic House the decision must now be made; making the purchase will prove to be the right one. Once again Frankie Knuckles comes through!

Choice: A Collection of Classics

_ What more can be said about Frankie Knuckles. Growing up in Chicago during the (radio station) WBMX era, Frankie's was a household name. This cd set further demonstrates how that was possible. Not only was the sequencing of the songs brilliant but the mixing was right on -- especially on Disc One (where he has the unenviable task of beat matching disco records: that usually involves live instruments). Old School Househeads will really enjoy this double set!

United DJs of America Vol 4.

_ Frankie and David have a good sound when they produce a record together; it's only natural that they should have a double cd set that sounds phat too. Frankie's mix is my favorite of the two, but the entire set is phat. Once you get this set you may not put it down. By the way, don't pay any attention to the date (1995). Some mixes never get old!

Ministry of Sound: Sessions Volume 6

_ Godfather jacks tall with this double set. I love the concept behind the two mixes. Disc One is the song disc, meaning vocals. Very, very soulful. Disc Two is the track disc, meaning tracks. Again, very, very soulful. It is evident that the man enjoys what he's doing because once you get a hold of this set you'll enjoy it, too. Favorite tracks are "Freedom (Make It Funky)", "I Remember Dance", "Hypnodelic", "Heavy Gospel Morning" and "Alabama Blues" This is another timeless classic from one of the best years for House Music (1996), especially if you lived in England!