Dana Divine - A Nu Language

_ A little background info: I really enjoyed getting "The Gospel Slide (JAM)" cd-single. Seeing Edward "Get Down" Crosby on the remix was really awesome. Then I discovered that Dana actually had a hand in some of the hottest house records that I have in my collection, particularly "Brighter Days" - Dajae, "For You" - Dana (herself), "Do Me A Favor" - Dana w/ Big Ed, and "Now I Know"/"He's The Man" - Blak Beat Niks Now to the present: I can't describe the joy I felt seeing this album's availability. I knew it was coming and I tell you that it was well worth the wait! Every song on the album is just superb! Seeing Maurice on the remix tip was great as well. There is enough range on this album to satisfy every dancing urge. But, perhaps the best part of the package is the demonstration video for the Gospel Slide; now you can add these steps to your line dancing repertoire! Once again Chicago talent shines right through. The album is a blessing-I just wish I could give it more stars!!!